My name is Tim C Dana. Welcome to timcdana.com! This Website is dedicated to my career. It mainly focuses on things I am currently working on, but there is also information about past projects, my work experience, and education. This page gives an overview of these topics.

Current focus

This Website was initially launched to support my interest in communicating about technology, particularly cross-platform and open-source applications. It started with a blog comparing Google Drive, Zoho Docs, and Microsoft Office Online. The blog now is about digital preservation, a subject I studied in college. The comparative articles, as well as articles about about individual applications, are published at http://www.oscollege.com.

My main long-term project is oscollege and the applications covered on it, so this Website will have updates about the latest articles and videos that are on this Website. Digital preservation is an important reason to use some of the applications that I communicate about, so my blog is about digital preservation. The digital preservation page  is different from the blog, though it lists the latest entries. It describes digital preservation, the focus of the blog, and my interest in the subject.

Digital preservation and oscollege are my current focus.

Career history

As stated in the previous section my main interest was writing and creating videos about technology. This is because my work and education background are in journalism, technical writing, Web development, and library science. The resume page has a traditional resume in HTML and PDF form. The HTML  resume has links to pages that give further details about key university courses and more details about each job I worked.

Other projects


Hopefully, you find oscollege.com, my blog, and my past experiences interesting. I would possibly interested in working on other projects, such as Web design or technical writing. If you are interested in discussing a project, fill out the form on the Contact page.